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Introducing The EFF-BLOG

Welcome to The EFF-BLOG.  Our primary goal is to build a business centered on providing you with a product (and hopefully products plural) with substantial value.  This blog will cover various topics but the main content will parallel our core business focus which is health and coffee.  

We’d like to provide you with information and knowledge that will help you make more informed decisions about health in categories such as:

  1. Quick Prep/Quick Clean Recipes
  2. Easy Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping
  3. Efficient Workouts
  4. Nutritional Supplement Info

EFF-BLOG will also dive into coffee news, cool cafes, and coffee related products.  You may find out:

  1. Café Latte vs. Flat White
  2. Are You Cool Enough to Order a “Pour Over”
  3. The Art of Roasting Coffee
  4. Caffeine Contents for Various Coffee Drinks

We are not about making outrageous claims touting the wonders of our product.  It isn’t going to make you skinny, it isn’t going to make you smarter or take away any wrinkles.  EFFBOMB is meant to enhance your coffee with  flavor and give you at least some peace of mind that you are providing your body high quality nutrients that you may not otherwise get throughout the day.  Our hope is that this subtle reminder will make you more conscious of your physical health. 

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