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EFFBOMB is a rapidly dissolving tablet that flavors and fortifies your coffee.

  • Eliminates need to swallow a pill
  • Easy to digest
  • Nutrients more bioavailable for absorption
  • Costs less than flavoring and a daily vitamin
  • Low calorie alternative to syrups or flavored creamer
  • Tastes EFF-ing good!


Fortify your coffee with vitamins and flavor!

Effbomb mixes delicious taste with nutritional supplements to prepare you for taking on the day.

Lightbulb moment

Beat Nutrient Deficiencies

We know being low on ESSENTIAL vitamins and minerals drops energy and can cause lingering pains, inflammation, and irritations. Muscle cramps, headaches, even inhibited workout recovery can all stem from being low on your daily nutrition intake. Effbomb is loaded with vitamins A, B12, D, and E as well as key minerals like calcium and manganese to fuel your body and stop signs of deficiencies before they even start.

Our Guarantee

Supplement Your Diet

Drop an Effbomb on your dieting cravings. Constant cravings are a sign your body is lacking in essential minerals, such as chocolate for magnesium or potato chips for potassium. Finding healthy supplements to give your body what it needs can help cut the cravings AND give you an energy boost while your counting calories. And Effbomb bonus: we do it with delicious flavors!

Get results you want

Skip The Pills

Stop stuffing your cupboard with stacks of supplements and save time on swallow all those pills and powders by dropping a single Effbomb tablet into your morning coffee. Skip the hassle and simplify your morning routine!

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